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Frankenfreaks is a team of two artists (Frankenstuffed and abstract odd fruits) based in the UK (Scotland). They are passionate about creating new and exciting pieces that capture life's emotions in an unusual way. They enjoy creating characters and worlds for their characters, the real world can be so boring sometimes. Working with mainly sculpture, illustration, paint, and fabric, Frankenfreaks tries to bring to life fun and lovable weirdos. Frankenfreaks sell their work online, at markets/events, exhibitions, and in stores in Glasgow - check out the "News" section for more information on upcoming events.

Frankenstuffed is a Scottish artist with a background in Fashion and Art. Growing up she loved all the 1980's movies with ugly creatures. As a little girl, she wished she could have her own creation as a friend. After studying at college Frankenstuffed began creating creatures from her imagination. At first, they were just for fun and to practice but after posting them on social media Frankenstuffed realized other people also wanted a creature as a friend. Frankenstuffed went on to learn about the 'Sculptural Toy Art' scene and decided to create art toys that were not like the usual art toys, she wanted to mix soft and fluffy parts with hard and heavy parts to create her own character that had contrast and looked alive. Each piece made by Frankenstuffed is handmade from start to finish, by sewing, sculpting, and painting. She also creates other art pieces that include her weird characters such as paintings, illustrations, and clothing.


Based in Scotland and Hong Kong a creative blip in existence that goes by the name Abstract Odd Fruits creates quirky art with a wide range of mediums bringing you a variety of surreal art. With a background in illustration, he aims to express his creativity and showcase his mind through original art toys and disorderly illustrations filled with unique characters and weird concepts.

You can follow his journey on instagram to see his art progress and his previous creations of work.

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