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Please fill out the form below if you would like a custom piece from one of the artists. Take a look at pieces we have created before for examples of what we can do. Feel free to message us on Instagram with any questions. Please read all the information under the form too.

Where would the piece be sent to -

Thank you for submitting, we will get back to you soon.

We have limited spaces for customs as we can only take as many as we can get finished before Christmas.

If your custom is accepted there will be a £15 nonrefundable deposit. (Paid through PayPal family and friends or bank transfer)

If the final piece has been designed and created by the artist they can recreate and reuse the design.

  You will be emailed a time estimate for creating the piece.

The art is not to be resold, used in promotions, or copied unless stated otherwise.

The price for the final piece depends on what you'd like. Price will be decided once you submit this form and discussed it via email and if you have a budget we can work within that just let us know.

Please fill out the form with your idea for the custom you'd like. You can take a look at our Instagram to see what we usually make.

Please note we only make art. The pieces we make are not for children or meant for play. They are for display only. They are not kids' plush toys. These pieces should be kept away from small children and animals as they are fragile and not suitable for them.

If you have drawn/sketched your custom idea or have inspiration pictures you can send them to us here - - please add the name you put on your form when emailing the pictures.

  Postage costs - UK - (£3 non-tracked £5 tracked.) INTERNATIONAL  - (£16 - £24 tracked depending on the weight of the item.)

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