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"Goomi Party"
Sculpture roughly 11''


"When Goomi Bunnies celebrate they host huge extrvigant parties and invite all their Goomi friends. This is Mooyo ... she has never been invited to a Goomi celebration. The other Goomi don't like to invite her because she is so clumsy. This makes Mooyo so sad that her eyes have been stained from all of the crying she has done. This year Mooyo has thrown her own party with dancing, cake, and the ancient Goomi tradition of "Draw yourself". Mooyo had a great time even though she fell into her cake and was alone. You can adopt Mooyo from the link below."

Hey I'm Frankenstuffed a multimedia artist but my main discipline is Sculpture. I love to experiment with things you wouldn't usually have together, like very soft fabrics with hard/rough sculptural parts. I used to study fashion but I preferred making sculptures so I combined my love for sewing with sculpture. My inspiration stems from my childhood, playing with hand-me-down 80's toys and watching cheesy 90s/80s movies that always had a weird creature that I would want as a pet. My work focuses on emotions and imagination through sculpture, illustrations, and art toys. Currently, most of my focus is on my sculptures the "Goomi Bunnies" which are all hand sculpted creatures with their own unique look and personality. These have a cute but sinister feel to them as the fluffiness of them makes you want to cuddle them but their face and backstories can make some uncomfortable."

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