Goomi Pod

Frankenstuffed original character sculptural art toy " Goomi Pod "

Each has been hand-sculpted, painted, and decorated. Each is one of a kind and very detailed.

Goomi Pods are Goomi bunnies that have gone into hibernation. Once out of hibernation they have transformed into these pods. The pods can take many different shapes but sometimes they look like cakes. Many people think this is because Goomi bunnies love sugar so much and if they eat lots of sweet things before hibernation it causes them to mutate and they can look almost edible!


You have the option to chose from -

Lemon Pika Goomi Pod - { Special edition goomi pod inspired by Pikachu, made for Glasgow Comic con 2022. }

Red Velvet Goomi Pod.

size - 5''

Each will be sent in a box that has been customized for the Pod. Boxes are made from recyled packaging so they may have flaws.


Please note -

These are Sculptural art toys. Not toys intended for children. They are for display and collecting only. These should be kept away from children and animals. As they are handmade and fragile.


These are handmade from start to finish so they may be flawed. Colours may appear different in real life than on your screen.



Goomi Pod