Goomi Bat

Frankenstuffed Goomi Bunnies in bat costumes.

Goomi Bunnies love dressing up in disguises, they are pretty good at it, right?

These Goomi creatures are frankenstuffed original characters and have super soft fur.

Guppkin (Orange)

size roughly - 12.5''

comes with a certificate, box, prints, and stickers.

Each is handmade and one of a kind. Hand sewn, painted, and sculpted.

Please note - This may look like a plushie soft toy but it isn't. This is a sculptural artist toy and it is meant for display and collecting only. Not designed for children. Pieces should be kept away from children and animals.

As they are handmade from start to finish there may be flaws. Colour may differ from on screen than in real life.

Goomi Bat